Real-World Applications of Zahroof Valves

In a world of competing claims and differing design technologies, the true value of a gas compressor valve is ultimately decided in the field.

Below, we share a few project profiles that demonstrate how Zahroof StraightFlo™ compressor valves have elevated efficiency, minimized downtime, and generated substantial cost savings across various applications. 


In the downstream sector, reliability is key—whether you’re in refining, petrochemical, chemical, or specialty gas. We make valves for slow speed compressors that handle the highly corrosive gases often responsible for premature failure. Our products offer reliability unmatched in the industry and can be serviced onsite without skilled labor. The result? Reduced inventory costs, fewer man hours and less lost production due to down time.

Our valves offer proven performance in applications such as hydrotreating, isomerization, catalytic reforming, hydrocracking, ethylene plants, fertilizer plants, air separation, and flare gas recovery. 

Case Study: Eliminating Unplanned Shutdowns

At a large U.S. refinery, intermittent valve failures every three to six months are causing unplanned shutdowns on an IR ESH-1 compressor in I-Isobutane (92%) mix service. OEM valve life does not allow the compressors to run full-time between scheduled turnarounds every two years.

StraightFlo™ Valves solve the reliability problems, eliminating unplanned shutdowns and enabling maximum refinery production.

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Whether your pipeline transmission is high speed or low speed, Zahroof Valves can dramatically improve the efficiency of your transportation and storage operation. For midstream applications, our valves have been proven to increase reliability and throughput, reduce power usage and maintenance costs, withstand liquids and debris, and significantly curtail lost production due to valve issues.

Our valves improve performance in midstream applications that include gas gathering and processing, pipeline, and underground storage. Our valves are also used in re-compression applications where operators are recovering gas rather than venting or flaring it.

Case Study: Zahroof Valves Increases Run Time from Weeks to Years

High liquid and particulate contaminants are fouling the legacy plate valves of a large GE Gemini DS504 contract compression operator. Valves must be serviced monthly, resulting in lost production and increased maintenance costs.

Upon installation, StraightFlo™ first and second-stage valves run for three years. Third-stage valve repair frequency goes from once a month to every three years. The service takes place on-site without machining, saving time and money.

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We’ve built a substantial customer base in the high-speed compression market—and we’ve been in the E&P space since we were founded. Whether onshore or offshore, in high hp, low hp or engine-based compressor units, our valves can increase throughput and reliability, reduce maintenance and inventory costs, withstand adverse conditions like dirty gas and liquids, and improve your mean time between shutdown (MTBS).

We have extensive experience in upstream applications such as gas gathering, gas lift, natural gas, sour gas, and CO2 and N2 injection for Enhanced Oil Recovery.

Case Study: Zahroof Valves Pay For Themselves in 6 Weeks

The legacy plate valves of a large independent producer required servicing or replacing every four to six weeks.

StraightFlo™ valves operate continuously after installation, resulting in a 10x increase in run time (MTBF). Annual savings from one application exceed $400,00. The valves pay for themselves in under six weeks.

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Ready for Your World

Zahroof StraightFlo valves are innovative solutions that enhance efficiency, reduce downtime, and maximize returns. Give us a call to discuss your application. Because the ultimate real-world solution is the one that takes place in your world.


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