About Us


At Zahroof Valves, Inc., we are driven to vastly improve the efficiency and profitability of all industries that use industrial reciprocating compressors. By bringing our revolutionary yet simplified solutions to this global industry, we intend to bring dramatic and sustainable economic value to all of our customers, reliably and consistently elevating production while reducing power consumption, downtime, repair costs, and emissions.


As a respected leading global brand offering world-class engineering and design, we bring solutions that consistently deliver the highest efficiency, highest reliability, and lowest total cost of ownership to compressor operators, manufacturers, packagers, and distribution partners.


Zahroof Mohamed is the founder of Zahroof Valves, Inc. and inventor of the StraightFlo™ Valve. Zahroof has over 30 years of experience in compressor design and development and has successfully brought groundbreaking products from concept to market.

Prior to founding ZVI, Zahroof was Chief Engineer for Samsung Techwin, establishing their Center for Turbomachinery Design Worldwide in Houston and overseeing new product development in South Korea and the U.S. His vast experience includes developing the core technology and roadmap for the process gas centrifugal compressor line for Samsung and serving as the Principal Engineer at Cameron Compression Systems. Zahroof also served as an Engineering Specialist at York International.

Zahroof`s specialty is the development of compressors, rotordynamics, bearing design, seals, vibration analysis, and troubleshooting. He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from College of Engineering Trivandrum an MS in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M University, and a diploma in International Management from IFL, Swedish Institute for Management.

Zahroof “ZEE” Mohamed
President & Founder
[email protected]