ABOUT Zahroof Valves


At Zahroof Valves, Inc. (ZVI), we are driven to vastly improve the efficiency and profitability of all industries that use industrial reciprocating compressors. By bringing our revolutionary yet simplified solutions to this global industry, we intend to bring dramatic and sustainable economic value to all of our customers, reliably and consistently elevating production while reducing power consumption, downtime, repair costs, and emissions.


As a respected, leading global brand offering world-class engineering and design, we bring solutions that consistently deliver the highest reliability, greatest efficiency, most significant emissions reduction, and lowest total cost of ownership to reciprocating compressor operators, manufacturers, packagers, and distribution partners.

About Us

Zahroof Valves Inc. (ZVI) was established in 2010 as a groundbreaking innovator in the global compressor valve market. ZVI develops, manufactures, and sells reciprocating compressor valves, unloaders, and associated products.

ZVI developed its original and unique StraightFlo™ compressor valve using its patented Modular Reed Valve (MRV) technology. The StraightFlo™ compressor valve provides superior performance and reliability, exceptional cost savings, and lower emissions than conventional reciprocating gas compressor valves.

Zahroof products are used in various applications, including oil & gas (upstream, midstream and downstream), chemical processing, industrial gases, air, refrigeration, and more.

our products

All StraightFlo™ compressor valves utilize patented Modular Reed Technology (MRT™). MRT™ employed in Zahroof Valves’ products contributes to enhanced compressor efficiency, improved performance, and reduced operating costs for reciprocating compressors across various industries.

StraightFlo™ SS (Severe Service) Valves

Zahroof Valves Straightflo SS Valves are made from durable stainless steel and are designed to handle corrosive gases in industries like refining, petrochemicals, chemicals, and fertilizers. They are compatible with reciprocating compressors operating at speeds ranging from 200 to 3600+ rpm, pressure differentials up to 4,350 psi (300 bar), and service temperatures from -40° to 500°F (-40° to 260°C). These valves can be easily installed as drop-in replacements for OEM valves, ensuring reliable performance even in challenging environments.

The StraightFlo™ SE Valve

Zahroof Valves StraightFlo SE Valve is an economical compressor valve made with 4140 alloy steel and a corrosion-resistant coating. It offers exceptional performance and value as a drop-in replacement for reciprocating compressors. Ideal for oil and gas applications and industrial gas services like air, nitrogen, and hydrogen. Suitable for compressor speeds from 200 to 3600+ rpm, pressure differentials up to 4,350 psi (300 bar), and service temperatures from -40° to 500°F (-40° to 260°C). It is designed for use with non-corrosive or mildly corrosive gases, including sweet and sour natural gas, air, NGL, and industrial gases.

Jack Bolt Eliminator

The new Zahroof Valves Jack Bolt Eliminator is an advanced kit that can transform valves into a modern cage and O-ring design, providing a gas-tight sealing surface. The conversion process takes only about 15 minutes per valve and requires no machining or cylinder modification. Once installed, the conversion ring remains in place during valve servicing. Unlike the traditional jack bolt design, the Jack Bolt Eliminator Kit allows for gasket crushing without affecting the seal between the valve cap and cylinder, making installation and maintenance easier.

Zahroof Valves Awards and Achievements

Our products at Zahroof Valves are built with safety and improvement in mind. We have been proud to be awarded the following titles, which further back the innovative, successful products we offer.

  • Edison Award in 2016 for the “Carbon Reduction”
  • Finalist for the 2018 Petroleum Economist Awards in the category of “Technology Company of the Year.”
  • Sustainability Product of the Year for 2019 Sustainability Awards
  • Southern Gas Association’s 2022 Innovative Tech Forum Winner

Pipeline Industry Guild’s “Land-Based Pipeline Technology Award”


Selected for LAGCOE’s New Technology Showcase


Selected as an Energy Innovation Pioneer at IHS CERAWeek


Edison Awards winner in “Carbon Reduction” category


“Second fastest growing private business in Houston” by the Houston Business Journal


Finalist for the 2018 Petroleum Economist Awards in the category of “Technology Company of the Year.”


“2018 Technology Company of the Year” by the Petroleum Economist


“Sustainability Product of the Year” by Business Intelligence Group


“Fast 100 & Innovation Awards” by Houston Business Journal


Southern Gas Association “Innovation and ESG” Award


Southern Gas Association’s 2022 Innovative Tech Forum Winner