Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient

Straight Thru-Flow, Highest Effective Area

  • The flow through a StraightFlo valve has almost negligible deviation of the gas stream with very low resistance to flow and hence very low pressure drop. This is unlike a conventional valve where the flow makes at least two right angles while traversing the valve.

    The flow through one module of a StraightFlo valve is independent of the flow through its adjacent module. In conventional valves, such as poppet valves or ring valves, the flow past a poppet or ring interferes with the flow past the adjacent poppet or ring, causing large losses. In a ported plate valve, the flow through a port in the plate interferes with the flow through an adjacent port in the plate causing losses.

    There is no pre-load acting on the reeds of the modules of StraightFlo valves that have to be overcome for the gas to start flowing. This means that StraightFlo valves have almost zero cracking pressure unlike conventional valves where the sealing elements (poppet/plate/ring) are pre-loaded by one or multiple springs. This means even less resistance to flow.

    The above factors result in StraightFlo valves having the highest effective area among all compressor valves, typically 40 – 60% more for our standard valves. However, for our StraightFlo HEV (High Efficiency Valve), the effective area is increased over 100% compared to conventional valves on account of more modules being used within the same valve diameter.