Reduce Operating Costs
with StraightFlo valve

with StraightFlo valve

markets served by Zahroof Valves, REDUCE OPERATING COSTS

Minimize Fuel Costs

  • With the highly efficient StraightFlo valve, fuel costs can be reduced considerably.
  • In the case of a typical pipeline transmission compressor running at 1000 rpm, the fuel consumption is reduced by 10%.
  • With a reduction in fuel, there is a corresponding reduction in emissions.
  • Operations can decide to increase the throughput through the compressor and keep the power/fuel the same.

Minimize Service Costs

  • The StraightFlo valve design eliminates wear on the seat and carrier. Never machine or replace your valve seat or carrier, the most expensive part of the valve. There is a 10 year warranty on the valve seat and carrier.
  • Simply replace the old modules with new ones, in the field, on-site, to return your valves to factory new condition. Eliminate machining, off-site repair, special tools and skilled labor.
  • 2 – 5X improvement in service interval with StraightFlo valves means less downtime for servicing valves. It also reduces emissions due to blow down of pipes, venting, purging and flaring.
  • Minimize Downtime and Loss of Revenue
  • With the enhanced reliability of the StraightFlo valve and the improvement of the compressor MTBS by 5 to more than 10X, minimize the compressor downtime and the resulting loss in production/revenue.

Minimize Inventory Costs

  • Stock boxes of modules instead of racks and racks of expensive assembled valves for all makes and models of compressors, cylinders and operating conditions. About 5 – 6 module part numbers are sufficient for a company to service all its compressor valves, in all regions, at all operating conditions.
  • Reduce inventory by 80%. Minimize inventory foot-print and weight.
  • Minimize cost of inventory management and risk of obsolescence of inventory.

Minimize Capital Costs

  • Never replace the metal housing. Servicing a valve is done within minutes at the compressor site. This makes it unnecessary to buy spare valves with the modular StraightFlo valve.
  • When field conditions change over time, replace the modules to get an optimum valve for the new conditions. Eliminate having to purchase a new set of valves.
  • By increasing throughput in existing compressors by 3 – 18%, eliminate the need for a new compressor to meet higher flow demands. Or, decommission one or more existing compressors.



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