Rental Program

Rugged Valves, Easy Rentals

Now you can access the award-winning Zahroof StraightFlo valves at a cost that fits any budget through our Rental Program.

It’s simple. We send you drop-in replacement valves engineered for your specific application, and you rent them on a month-to-month basis at a low fixed rate.

Our Rental Program provides an easy way to see the benefits of increased reliability and improved compressor efficiency for yourself. There are no long-term obligations and you can return the valves at any time. It’s a great low cost, low commitment way to explore if StraightFlo valves are right for your application.

You can also rent the valves for as long as you like. The longer you rent, the more credit you earn towards the purchase of the valves.

The Rental Program is an effective way to get the use and benefits of the StraightFlo valves today while bridging the funding gap until budget funds are availabl

​StraigthtFlo valves have been installed in some of the most difficult applications around the world, bringing operators benefits such as:

-Increased reliability with a guarantee to double valve-related MTBF and a 10 year warranty on valve housings -Increased performance with a reduction in power consumption of 3-15% that can be converted to increased flow -On-site serviceability with no machining and a reduction in inventory of greater than 80% -Reduction in vibrations, noise and emissions.

*In addition to our Rental Program, ZVI offers a broad range of procurement options including long-term leases, consignment inventory, facility contracts and profit/cost savings sharing arrangements. Contact us for details.